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Weclome To West Coast Sustainables

Welcome to West Coast Sustainables website, I recently crashed my old one and decided this would be great time to learn Word Press so I can share my renewable energy projects and my off grid living ideas much easier.

I have decided to make my website more of a youtube link than the standard type that tells you all about the benefits of solar, I hope you take the time to watch my videos and subcribe to see what is possible. Renewable’s are great and there are many different ways you can save money or achieve a specific objective like : Solar well pumping, Pond pumping, Air Conditioning, Etc…

If you have specific questions about your project or the videos please email or call me at the info below.

(Jason Andrade) at 530-410-4745 or email me at

Make sure to check out my projects at:

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The Tractor Port is up and running! I also got a shout out from Enginner 775 and my Youtube channel is gaining ground, hope you like it.


Here is a quick video I made after doing some upgrades to my personal off the grid power system, you have to have fun after so much work.


I recently installed a 800 AH bank of Iron Edison Nickel Iron batteries on a off grid system, next up is a 4 kw addition to the P.V. array


Are you interested in a grid tie power system? here is a 13.86 Kw ground mount system that I replaced the main panel and added a critical load panel to so they could make it a grid tie with battery back up next year.


Do you have a pond or a solar fountain? I used a Dankoff Suncentric solar pump and have built a nice pumping system that allows me to transfer up to 15,000 gallons a day off 700 watts of pv without the need for batteries or inverters.